Guide to D0171 Dental Code and Exams

What ADA CDT dental code is D0171?

D0171 is the ADA CDT dental code for a dental exam following up on prior dental treatment. It is often used as a “post-op” visit after a surgery. The code is officially known as “Re-evaluation – post-operative office visit.”

Frequently Asked Questions About D0171 Dental Code

What procedure does D0171 refer to?

This code covers a follow-up visit after a surgical or therapeutic procedure to assess healing and progress.

What are the documentation requirements and best practices for D0171?

Documentation should include details of the original procedure, post-operative instructions given, and findings from the follow-up visit.

What are the typical costs, reimbursement rates and guidelines for D0171?

Typical costs range from $50 to $150, depending on the procedure and provider. Reimbursement is often part of the initial surgical package or covered under follow-up care benefits.

Are there any common errors or pitfalls to avoid with D0171?

Common pitfalls include failing to document post-operative instructions and progress accurately, leading to issues with justifying the follow-up visit.

How should D0171 be submitted on an insurance claim, and should a site be included?

Submit with detailed notes on the original procedure, post-operative care provided, and findings of the follow-up visit. Site-specific details may be needed based on the procedure.

Is D0171 often used with other codes, and how does it fit into the overall coding system?

Often used with surgical procedure codes like D7140 for extractions. It ensures proper monitoring of healing and addresses any post-operative issues.

How can I verify patient eligibility and coverage for this procedure?

Verify eligibility by checking with the insurance provider to confirm coverage for post-operative follow-ups as part of the surgical care package.

What are the ethical considerations and common fraud indicators associated with D0171?

Ensure accurate documentation of the original procedure and post-operative care to avoid fraud. Be cautious of overusing follow-up visits without medical necessity.

What are the key differences between similar codes?

D0171 is for post-operative follow-ups, while D0170 is for problem-focused re-evaluations and D0150 is for comprehensive exams. Use D0171 specifically for surgical follow-ups.

Why was D0171 specifically used for my treatment, and are there alternative treatments with different codes and costs?

D0171 is used for monitoring recovery after surgery. Alternatives include D0170 for non-surgical problem re-evaluations and D0120 for routine check-ups, depending on the patient’s needs.

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